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Building Bridges Program

Strategic Objective: To promote peacebuilding through intercultural and interreligious dialogue initiatives and conflict prevention services in different communities of Africa and Canada.

The Building Bridges Program strives to promote peace education, strengthen peacebuilding skills, and strengthen intercultural and interreligious dialogue in the communities. The program will work with partners to support active and effective peacebuilding as well as intercultural and interreligious dialogue processes. This program will be implemented at local, national, sub-regional and international level with the aim of contributing to conflict prevention, reconciliation, and peacebuilding through various program activities, in particular within the educational area. FIIDI’s institutional partnerships will help identify partners and strengthen its capacity to give early warnings when and where violence is imminent. Through this program, FIIDI plans to reach 5,000 community (religious & tribal) leaders and youth across Africa and Canada in the coming five years.

Program interventions will be tailored to appropriate target groups and will include the following projects:

  1. Sport for Peace Project
  2. Culture and Religion for Peace office Project
  3. The International Day for Victims of Religious Violence (22 August)
  4. Youth Democracy and Peacebuilding Project
  5. The Seed of Unity (The National Anthem) Project