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Our Approach

As capsulated in its purpose, FIIDI is making an effort to implement its set goals in the following areas:

Dissemination of up-to-date information related to cultural and religious violence, tolerance, acceptance, and dialogue from a human rights perspective through newsletters, meetings, multimedia, manuals, booklets, leaflets, and posters.

Becoming a facilitator and key player in the fight against acts of violence based on religion or belief through:

  • Expert Consultation
  • Partner activities
  • Seminars, workshops, and training

Support for effective and responsive advocacy and lobbying activities to promote cultural and religious tolerance, acceptance, and dialogue as well as promoting and protecting human rights, through:

  • Research & Documentation: Aims at purposeful monitoring, research, and documentation of acts of violence based on religion or belief and the publication of annual reports.
  • Advocacy: Developing effective media linkages, raising awareness about the problem of cultural and religious violence to human rights and peace activists, decision-makers and other stakeholders within Africa and around the globe to ensure better attention and timely action.
  • Capacity Building: Equipping FIIDI staff and other human rights and peace activists with skills that enable them to enhance the efficiency of their work and become leaders in the fight against cultural and religious violence through improved personal capacities and familiarity with national, regional and international human rights norms.
  • Human Rights and Peacebuilding Education: Inform, sensitize and educate the public on internationally recognized human rights and peacebuilding skills to strengthen intercultural and interreligious dialogue through workshops and the use of journals, newsletters, brochure, posters, training manuals and report.
  • Building Alliances: This program promotes information sharing, partnership building, hosting interns/volunteers and development of expertise at national, regional and international level for the effective implementation of our goals.